This video reveals how big the tongue really is! It is a big chunk of muscle that gets in the way if we’re not careful.  If the tongue is not relaxed, it can make us sound really nasal.

You will also see the vocal cords moving wildly close to the top of the throat.  Notice how they move so much too.  They are surrounded by soft muscles, therefore, they cannot be static.  Your voice wobbles and breaks when you don’t co-ordinate your breath and throat movements correctly.  Practice your scales correctly on the daily basis (10 to 30mins daily).  This is the only way you can refine your voice.  You will have more of a chance at being the best singer as you can possibly be when you have your technique mastered.

Questions? Go to http://EscanoSingingSchool.com


"Rock Steady" at The LuWow. My band are such world-class musos. They amaze me all the time! Melbourne, you must check us out one day! Big Love!


Here’s A Pretty Cool Breathing Exercise!

One of my faves is the very, very slow sigh. It uses deep breathing which help us keep centered/balanced. There are myriad benefits of deep breathing.  If you want to be a great singer, you must know how to use deep breaths to support your voice.  So forget yoga for now, try singing deep all the way down from the pelvic floor.

- Breathe in deeply all the way down to your pelvis. Your chest should not raise but your belly should become bigger (as a result, your sides and back will slightly get bigger as well).  The diaphragm causes your belly, ribcage, sides and back to expand.  At first you may only feel subtle movements but you will get more and more used to it with a bit of practice.
- Breathe out in a slow, controlled but not in a forced or squeezed manner.
- Repeat and this time say ‘ee’ on a note. N. B. Your vocal cords must be in a neutral state.  Your voice should not wobble or sound squeezed. Use a super easy note for you to sing. Not too high, not too low.
- Ensure that the volume of your voice is even throughout while feeling no tension
- Try the fire engine sound while sighing out slowly - from low to high then back down to low again. Your voice must sound balanced. Free yet no wobbles. It’s very important to find your center, where your voice is free, doesn’t shake, break, etc.  You must remember the feeling of effortlessness when doing this.

- Relax, relax, relax!  Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed. Avoid restricting/squeezing your stomach muscles. When you breathe in, your tummy and surrounding area naturally tend to expand (e.g. when you sigh or yawn). Avoid changing your body’s natural movement when singing.

A great singer is able to regulate the breath so that it is even, connected and balanced from the start to the end of every phrase.


Vocal Health Tips for Singers! By Voice Therapist Debbie Phyland


maybemaitreya said: Hi there! I'm a budding singer and love to do so. I'm 13 and my voice is breaking and changing. I've gained loads of low notes but I'm losing the higher ones, and my range is kind of small, but hopefully it'll grow again as I get okder.I know there's nothing I can do, but I'd like to keep singing in the meantime. Do yu have any advice for what I can do for how I can improve my voice in this period? Thanks so much!!!

Hello! This is a great time for you to really start getting to know your voice.  Pay attention to what your whole body as well as individual areas such as your neck, throat, head, tummy, lungs feel when you’re singing.  Take singing lessons and choose a teacher that you feel comfortable asking any question that you may have about singing and performing.  Whatever singing you’re doing, do not over do it and when singing high and very low notes become somewhat painful, you have to stop and change your approach or get your teacher to show you how to do it.  Happy singing!

p.s. Don’t forget to listen to all types of music, new and old songs alike


Slowly getting unearthed…


Community radio has been so supportive of my songs.  I can’t even begin to explain how absolutely stoked I am to be getting some much needed attention!  I have PBS, Triple R, Edge FM (NSW), and dozens more stations Australia wide to thank.  Not to mention AMRAP/AirIT.

Alos, I’m so very glad that Triple J has given me a bit of love!  The Liberating Kind (LOTEK Remix) has been played a few times on both Triple J radio on “Roots N All” show by the lovely Sarah Howells, and also on Unearthed Digital Radio. 

This means the entire world to me! Thank you so much radio!



Mission: To inspire and encourage my students to be the best singers they could possibly be through sharing my knowledge, passion and experience in using the voice as the most superior musical instrument one could ever master.


Singing is the best form of musical expression for the obvious reason that no other instrument can literally speak directly to the audience.  Add melody, harmony and rhythm to words and there we have the best instrument one could ever use to communicate emotions.

The voice is irreplaceable.  It’s the only instrument that goes with us 24/7 and it’s the best musical instrument that easily establishes a connection between the musician and people’s hearts.  During my darkest days, all I could turn to is singing and music and it magically helps get me through it.  Singing has a powerful effect on our souls and that is why everyone must love singing and learn how to do it with ease!


I am a professional Contemporary Singer and Songwriter with over a decade of performance experience.  I have been teaching for just over a year.  In this time, I have  found that I enjoy teaching so much more than I thought.  I teach all contemporary genres (pop, rock, etc) but personally, I like to sing Soul, Funk, Blues & Jazz.  I perform regularly and sing my own songs as well as the soulful songs of amazing artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, just to name a few. I spend a lot of time honing my vocal skills (under instruction of amazing classical as well as contemporary singing teachers) because I aspire to be the best artist and singer that I could ever be.

I love to share my knowledge with all types of students - from ones that would like to make a career out of singing, as well as those that just like the amazing feeling that singing gives them.  It helps the release of happy hormones and reduces stress.

I have been singing professionally for several years now and I am still discovering a lot about music and also about myself.  I have learnt that my love for music just keeps getting stronger as time goes by.  There’s just so much to learn and I’m willing to spend my lifetime learning.  In addition, I have found that you can never have too much positivity in this endeavour. Your love for your craft will truly surface when the going gets tough.  And it does get tough!


I will teach you how to co-ordinate & control your breathing while you sing.  I will help you round up all the things you can already do naturally and teach you how to use them when you’re singing.  I feel that it is important for me to note that singing is a learned skill which can be highly technical.  Some of you may find certain aspects of singing easy but find other things more challenging.  If you are serious about reaping the rewards of singing (hopefully for personal satisfaction above all else; boost in self-confidence; and stress relief), then be prepared to give it a good go for at least a year.  Even if you don’t want to be the next Whitney Houston, you will find that if you commit to your singing practice, your confidence will improve as you feel better about yourself.  


I do one-on-one and group lessons (by demand), depending on your confidence, ability and goals.  For beginners, a 10-lesson course is most ideal.  Currently, I charge $30 for half an hour, $45 for 45-mins and $60 an hour.  Lessons are weekly for the most part but 1 or 2 of the lessons may be moved as per our agreement. 

I will teach you how to:

  • Hit High Notes with Ease
  • Breathe Correctly When Singing
  • Use Deep Breathing To Help Relieve Stress
  • The vocal registers: Chest, Middle, Head and Whistle Registers
  • Warm-up
  • How To Harmonise
  • Dramatically improve your singing by correct pronunciation alone
  • Use Vibrato Correctly
  • Conquer Your Nerves During Performance
  • Find Your Own Voice and Become An Artist
  • Write Songs and/or Improve Songwriting Skills
  • How To Record In A Recording Studio
  • How To Sing In A Band
  • many, many more!
At the moment, I hold lessons at Counter Clockwise Studio.  This is a recording studio for commercial releases as well as high quality demos.  If you are at a stage where you feel that you want to professionally record your singing, I can arrange a recording session for you with Lotek (producer).

Please feel free to check out my videos below. If you would like me to teach you what I have learned over the years, do not hesitate to contact me! Looking forward to your message/call.

Happy singing!

Florelie Escano

Mobile: 0450079665

Email: info [at] counterclockwise. com. au

Studio Location: Collingwood (3Kms from CBD Melbourne Australia)

Now here’s a song I wrote about pursuing my dreams….

SOUL! The Liberating Kind by @Florelie Escano - Out Now on 45! by LOTEK


Hello my friends… Here’s my humble version of Mariah Carey’s “Vision Of Love”!  This was at my debut single launch in Melbourne.  This video captured some of the most positive vibes from the night. It was undoubtedly an AMAAAZING night!  To all the folks who supported me on this night, this one is whole-heartedly for you.

I hope you like this video :) Keep singing!


I once worked as a Collections Agent/phone pest for a major bank… ringing people for being late in paying their credit cards/personal loans .. collecting as low as $15 , disturbing customers during dinner time… 

This job did my head in

 BIG TIME!!!! I became phobic of it so I left… and wrote this song… EVERY WORD RINGS TRUE TO ME.. so I hope it does for you too if you’ve been in a similar situation where you want to leave a relationship, job, place, etc xox


Hi there my singing buddies! First of all, THANKS to everyone following me… I truly hope that you don’t ever stop singing as this is a passion that will stay with you forever - and it will just keep resurfacing regardless of how many times you try to ignore it!

Here’s a video that I made today of me singing Jessie J’s Price Tag. It’s pretty chilled as I didn’t want to fuss about too much with my cam etc.

I’m going to post more singing tips in the next couple of days.  And always remember: Sing loud and proud :)


"Listen" Beyonce cover by Florelie Escano (by fl0relie)